July 31, 2008

Enchanted Forest

Yesterday we spent the whole day (and I mean the whole day)at Enchanted Forest. For those of you who don't know Enchanted Forest is a little theme park built right into the side of a hill along I-5 just south of Salem. (A little word of advice if you go there: don't bring two huge strollers like we did, there are an unreal number of serious hills to walk up and down.) I loved going there as a kid myself and it was awesome to see my kids' enjoy those same corny attractions with all of the carefree glee that I'm sure I had when I came there. The best part was being able to meet up with Grandma, Poppa, Aunt Molly, Aunt Katie, and cousins James and Conner who drove up from Eugene to spend the day there with us!

By 1:00 we had seen most everything there was to see and as we headed to the picnic area to get ready for our lunch my sister said to me "I remembered this place being so much bigger when we were little". I love how our perspective changes so much when we go from being the wide-eyed kids exploring a world of adventure to being the worn-out mommies who are trying to keep up with the endless energy of toddlers.

We stayed until almost closing time and made a few last rounds through the favorite slides and exhibits once the crowds had cleared. The three kids who cared each picked out a toy from the gift shop: Cole got a new bow & arrow, Aviana found a pretty pink tutu (which after opening she wanted to exchange for blue) and James got a coonskin cap & bow & arrow like Bo-Bo's. Although all he really wanted was a little plastic dump truck which Grandma eventually took him back in to get and that's the toy he's played with ever since.

The Gang!! (minus poppa who is taking the picture)

The Fairy Tales!!

The Rides!!

Western Town!!

The Shows!!

The Babies!! (They were pretty laid back today, but give 'em a year or two and they'll be tearing this place up just like their siblings)

A very fun day indeed! Now I don't know how we'll make it on our trips to Eugene without everyone wanting to make a pit stop just south of Salem!!

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