July 25, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy and a new tooth!

I knew it was inevitable that I would soon fall behind in keeping this blog up to date, I can't believe it happened so soon!! I do have a good excuse though (I think). We have been so busy for the last two weeks that I have hardly had time to take any pictures, let alone post them and write about them!! Basically the last two weeks have been filled with tons of fun outings and adventures, family and friends, all on top of trying to get organized to move. Sadly the only area we are lacking in is the getting ready to move category. For those of you who have already agreed to help us on the big day, let me apologize now for the disorganization you are sure to encounter when you get here.

Here's what we've been up to:
An adventure downtown at a very cool toystore.
A day at the zoo, complete with a picnic, friends, and a playground.

(if you can't tell, she's feeding the lorikeet)

Our friend Luke, who shares a birthday with Aviana!

Eye doctor appointments and doctor's office check-ups.
Dance class.
A berry picking birthday get-together.
A mustache from a yummy smoothy made with all the yummy berries!

Making more jam and lots of cookies.
A special night out to the movies with daddy.

With none other than Prince Caspian himself!

A picnic with friends and a lunch out with friends after church.
Picking blueberries in poppa's backyard.
A trip to Eugene & a visit with cousins.
BBQ's and huge slivers.
Swimming in grandma's pool.
A trip to the beach where we watched kite surfers and attempted a sand castle.

And of course a new tooth! If you've been around Alidia at all in the past two weeks you know she's been working awfully hard on those two front teeth. Well, one finally made it through and the other one (hopefully) is right behind! Here's a good last look at her little grin with just two!

And some video of her just because she is funny (and so serious) when she is discovering new things!

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