July 14, 2008

Daddy the Triathlete

Saturday morning the kids were up bright and early, ready to cheer on their daddy at his first triathlon. They enjoyed "swimming" in the muddy water and pretending that they were competing as well. Cole had a blast and he can't wait for his triathlon coming up on July 26th! Aviana had a hard time seeing which swimmer/biker/runner was daddy, but she still had fun just being out at the lake. Alidia was wondering what in the heck we were doing out in the blazing hot sun for three hours during her nap time, but was suprisingly pleasant despite that!! I did learn that it is impossible to take decent pictures of someone racing when you are also trying to monitor three kids. So you'll notice the pictures are pretty much all of Jeremy after he has passed by us. You can check out the race results here.

Scoping out the water

Second place in the swim

On the bike (if you look really hard you can see him, I promise)

Coming in for the finish and still going strong

Posing after with his personal cheering section!! Way to go!

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