March 26, 2012


I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. March is almost over!! I feel like these last few months have been a huge change in stage of life for us. The kids have moved into this big kid frame where they are so much more self capable and independent. I was recently having a conversation with a mom in the throes of toddler/babyhood and found it so odd to be the reassuring veteran mother telling her "Yes, it's hard to believe, but you will use the bathroom in private again someday. I promise." 
I don't think she totally believed me.

A few of the amazing things this new phase of life has brought:
I can shower, consistently.
I can run without feeling guilty for leaving the house.
Cole can go into the branch library alone to pick up the books on hold or return something.
When we hop in the car, everyone *mostly* buckles themselves.
I get to sit down to dinner and eat with everyone, instead of filling cups and feeding others.
Our house is generally clean most of the time.
Everyone clears their own plate.
The kids can help....really help.... with fixing dinner, feeding animals, and minor cleaning tasks.
We have legitimate and fascinating conversations with the kids.
They are experiencing strong emotions that can't be cured with a distracting toy.
They are exponentially growing in size, intelligence and creativity.

It's kind of crazy. But it's fun, busy, chaotic and wonderful.


danc said...

Love this post! I never would have believed I could go to the bathroom alone either!! :)But... I am jealous of a clean house and kids helping with the tasks! I got some bad news for ya...(TEENAGERS)! HA HA HA. Thanks for posting:) Much Love sent your way! Grandma Darlene

harada57 said...
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