March 28, 2012


***I just found this post that I never published. It's a little dated. Oh well. I cut their hair in January (I think) and I was just thinking they are ready for another trim.***


The girls got haircuts a week or two ago. They are both wanting to grow their hair out long, but also both wanted bangs. I convinced them to let me trim off the scraggly ends of their hair along with their bangs.

Now about halfway into the process Alidia changed her mind and freaked out and wiggled and her bangs ended up a touch too short. They still look pretty cute when they are lying in place, but she hates them and is always sweeping them up to the side so they look really awkward most of the time.
*It's pajama day at ballet class....she doesn't usually wear her pj's all day....only sometimes**

Aviana's are the other direction and are already getting into her eyes and may need to be trimmed a tiny bit in the next week. She looks pretty cute with them and I think hers are here to stay for awhile.


danc said...

Wow How grown up they look!! Our Beautiful grandbabies!! Miss you! hope all are well!

harada57 said...
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