October 23, 2011


Last week was Cole's 8th birthday. First there was a full week of eagerly approaching the mailbox anticipating cards and gifts from his wonderful family (thank you everyone...he loved getting all the cards in the mail!). 

Then came the big day. He was so glad that it came on Saturday so that he could really enjoy it! He had it all planned out from sun-up to sun-down and by the end of it all we crashed into bed at 10pm and were exhausted. Total Cole style.

He started the morning bright and early with a fishing trip up in the canyons. I'm not exactly sure where they went, but it was beautiful. And it of course included lots of things like donuts and soda.....oh yeah and fishing, hiking and animal watching with his new binoculars.

After the boys came home and us girls returned from the morning of cheerleading we all went to see the final Harry Potter movie which had just opened in the $1.50 theater (good timing!). Then it was off to Joe's Crab Shack where there was a pirate tying balloons, witches singing and dancing, a play area, and tons of food!

The day was so full we didn't even have time for cake that night. However, the requested caramel cake was celebrated the next evening with a houseful of friends who love Cole to pieces, so it was good to wait!

Happy Birthday Cole!

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danc said...

Glad he got his gift and was able to enjoy:) Miss you all! Love to all! Thanks for the pics:)
Grandpa Dan and Grandma Darlene