October 21, 2011

Antelope Island

With Fall Break upon us and husbands who work late/go to school, Beth and I decided to load up the kiddos yesterday and drive out to Antelope Island to pass the evening. We knew some parts of the island closed early, but we didn't anticipate that meaning that they would lock up all the gates and we would be limited to one small area of the island on which to explore. 

 Nevertheless, we found ourselves having quite a good time despite the odds stacked against us. Aviana was being a bit spastic and over-excited, Cole was actually being calm and helpful (as opposed to the car ride attitude which may or may not have warranted a pull off the freeway scenario in which discipline was administered...), and Alidia was in her usual recent state of I'm going to be angry because the world is not presently revolving around me and people are trying to make me wear shoes.

 Little Lucas is at the age wear running is the only mode of self-transportation. It was good that we had to hike through sand...it slowed him down a bit.

The girls never fail to jump right in and find ways to cover themselves in sand. In this case, sand angels. Fortunately, it's not like at the ocean where you also have to get wet and then the sand becomes a real itchy sticky mess. We could just brush off and move on.

 Cole picked some flowers for his mother. What a sweetie. Must be because he saw me taking pictures of them....

I can say that one thing I love about Utah is the wildflowers. It's mid-October and they are still hanging on here and there. Love that.

Taking pictures of 4 squirmy, excited, hilarious children is an art. One Beth was attempting with great patience. I had long since given up.

 I was sticking to the easier to come by action photos. Although this one below is definitely my favorite of the evening. While the sunset was immensely beautiful, I failed to even try and capture the colors and vibrance of it all. It's the token image of the kids by the water and the memory of the evening that make this picture better than a perfect sunset photo would ever be.

See better photos of the sunset and more of the evening HERE.

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