September 08, 2011

Clear Lake

On our way home from Oregon in August we pulled over at Clear Lake to take a glimpse at the gorgeous water and reminisce a little bit. You see, Clear Lake is where we were when Jeremy proposed to me. He was a little bit terrified and I was a little bit over the top emotionally unstable. But somehow, despite my griping about the snow and his trembling hands we ended up making a decision beside that Lake on a crisp February afternoon that changed our lives for the best.

 The darling munchkins we towed down to the lakeside on this trip weren't tagging along 8+ years ago. We weren't hollering things like:  "Stay out of the water."  "Don't bother the ducks." "Don't harass your sister." "Where did your sister go." or "Aren't you done in there yet?"

We also weren't wearing matching traveling clothes....which was purely coincidental, I assure you.

By the grace of God we've made it this far. And through all the good, bad, amazing and crazy we've figured out that we don't have things figured out and we never will. We're always changing, growing, evolving, struggling, learning and loving together.
So this weekend we will travel to New York to be a part of the wedding of a young couple whom we've spent many months talking and sharing and counseling with as they have prepared for their marriage. Jeremy has the honor of facilitating their ceremony and we hope that somehow we've been able to impart a little bit of wisdom and perspective by sharing much of our journey and experiences with them.

It is truly unbelievable what God can do with two crazy kids standing beside a lake without a single clue how things were going to turn out for them. He really is amazing.

**Clear Lake is the starting source of the McKenzie River, which flows down past my hometown. This is an interesting piece of information because......that is why Alidia's middle name is McKenzie. :)


Sarah said...

Awwww. That's so great. Clear lake is so clear!

danc said...

AWESOME POST!! Enjoyed reading it:) You guys make a reat couple:) We love you very much! Thanks fro sharing:) Darlene

danc said...

UMMM. Spelling mistakes corrected this post... "reat"= I meant to write, " and "GREAT" and "fro" was obviously supposed to mean, "for"... One should always proof read!! Sorry:)

danc said...

OUCH I DID IT AGAIN!!! I'll quit while I'm behind!! :) :)

Josie Decker, RN said...

Aww, very sweet. I've heard only snippets of your story, but it's evident that God's grace is alive and recognized in you guys. Love it!