April 14, 2011

Making Breakfast

Making breakfast has been an oddly enticing activity lately. They've gotten pretty creative with drawing up a menu for me to choose from. And they get rather indignant when I put my foot down on some of the selections they are offering on a given morning. They also get a little miffed when I inform them that their restaurant won't be able to operate every single day. (I just don't have that kind of patience!)

Aviana is apparently the pastry chef. Chocolate chip filled crescent rolls are her specialty. Unless they are making cinnamon rolls, then Cole takes over the pastry department that day. (He's a little controlling like that.) 

Cole cooks anything on the stove. This is a new frontier for him (and me) and he was a little nervous at first (so was I). But he's a pretty cautious kid and I am only about five feet away at the kitchen table. The first eggs he made got a resounding "yuck" from his littlest sister. But he's getting better.

Alidia runs around getting in the way assisting. They give her jobs like setting the table and taking orders and her favorite role of sampling everything. Cole is, of course, the "manager" of it all so we've made sure he understands that his leading role makes him the one responsible for any clean up, disasters, or customer complaints.


Julia said...

I've been trying to gather up the nerves to have Grace help me with stove cooking. Right now she just does mixing/baking stuff with me but nothing that involves knives or heat or anything. I think knives are still a few years off but I really need to buck up and start doing the stove.

wendy said...

Mother's Day should be interesting this year!! :D

emily* said...

Knives are scary. But we have these tiny little pampered chef paring knives that are so old and dull and tiny anyways that any cuts aren't much bigger than a paper cut. Baby steps!

Sarah said...

dude. i gotta get my kids cooking.