December 29, 2010


Last weekend Aviana and I got all dressed up and headed downtown to see the Nutcracker. It was the best.

We had to leave behind a broken-hearted Alidia who grabbed a purse and a dress and was ready to go along with us! But we went out for ice cream with her afterwards and that was a pleasing compromise.

We sat in seats way in the back and piled up our coats for Aviana to sit on. She mentioned only twice how in Portland we always sat in the front, where we could see the orchestra. I didn't bother explaining that in Portland we got free tickets to dress rehearsals.

She had a great time and somehow talked me into purchasing this little ornament in the lobby during intermission. Which she surprised me on the car ride home by carefully unwrapping and sharing it with Alidia and telling her all about it.

Though I notice she did leave out a few details, like when she was complaining about it being hot and stripped off her tights in the middle of the show, or when she loudly needed water about 5 minutes before intermission, or about how many times I asked her to take her feet off the seat in front of her, or when she asked for the 12th time "Is it almost over?".

Her memory of the event is just as perfect and wonderful as mine.

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