December 28, 2010

Aviana's Fish

For St. Nicholas Day, Aviana got a fish tank. So later that day we went to the pet store with her and she picked out Blueberry. Her "female" fancy finned Betta fish. Now she does know that Blueberry is not a female, but she really hated the idea of having a male fish. And she really wanted a blue one with the big fancy fins, so I finally told her that we could just all pretend Blueberry is a girl and she was pleased with that.

So far she has taken very good care of her fish, she's very diligent about feeding it twice a day and took way more ownership than I had expected when we were cleaning out the tank. She's decorated inside the tank with quite a lovely array of items and since taking these pictures has even taped up some special drawings on the outside of the tank for Blueberry to look at.

When Poppa heard that Blueberry was being picked up in the net  from time to time to be looked at he suggested we get a magnifying glass to give her a way to look at Blueberry more easily without the risk of killing her. Good suggestion Poppa, Blueberry thanks you.

Cole's a little jealous that she gets to keep her fish in her bedroom. And Alidia appreciates the fact that the fish being in there kind of makes Blueberry her fish too. Of course, Aviana is insanely accommodating in allowing her siblings turns to feed the fish and turn on the fancy little light that shines on the tank (so that Blueberry won't be scared when we aren't home).

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