November 04, 2010


Down the street from our house there is a river. And on the banks of that little river there are a whole bunch of ducks and one big goose. Whenever we have some leftover heels of bread or something on the verge of going bad we stash it away in the duck food pile. Today we enjoyed the sunshine and the ducks and I even remembered the camera.

After seeing her sister feed a duck right out of her hand, Alidia was determined to give it a try. However, her wiggly little body, her clasped hand around the bread and her loudness (which is starting to rival Cole's) sort of deterred the ducks from coming too close. She liked to designate who each piece of bread was for before throwing it by calling out their name.... "Goosie"......"Whitey".....etc.

Aviana had no problems attracting the ducks to her side. She fed them from her hands and was happily surrounded by many ducks at all times. When we were all out of bread she spread her arms wide and ran through the group of ducks sending them into flight back into the water and sending her into a fit of laughter.

Cole liked the ducks too. He liked telling his sisters what to do and how to feed them. He liked hiding in the trees near the water and walking along beside me telling me all about his latest ideas for making movies. Sometimes he feels like such a little boy still and then there are moments like this when he seems to be growing up way too fast.


Casey said...

wow nature.. i hope i can play around on the grass without taking with me Anti Bacterial/Anti Biotic

Anonymous said...

Love the ducks. Love and miss my kids and grandchildren soooooooooooooo much. Buzzy