October 31, 2010

Weekend Quotes

We're driving home in the evening...it's late.....everyone is hungry and we're trying to think of what we can make quickly before bed and we hear a little voice talking to herself in the backseat, "....chicken....cow....I will eat anything. Even sheep."

Another Aviana-ism as we were leaving a friend's house admiring the gorgeous sunset...... "I've always loved sunsets."

And of course there's always a good line from Cole. This weekend we took out the giant bush/hedge/wall that stretched the entire front length of the house. It took us pretty much all day on Saturday and wasn't the most enjoyable thing to be doing all day, but it also wasn't too taxing as long as everyone was helping haul branches and such. After one of Cole's many consecutive breaks he came back to work and said....
"You are not fun." To which Jeremy replied, "It's work, it's not supposed to be fun." To which Cole said, "No dad, I said you are not fun."

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