September 04, 2010

The Nest and the Little egg

The first day we were here, there was a voracious wind storm. It was fairly crazy, knocked out power all over the place, and caused some serious damage to many a tree.

The next day while walking through the park we found this little nest, that had most likely been blown from the safety of the branches high above in the storm.

There was much debate on whether or not the little egg would survive and ultimately it was decided by the more practical middle child that it would probably not.

But that didn't mean that we couldn't take a gajillion pictures of it, right?? So that's what we did. Everyone had a turn. We also got a lot of photos of the trunk of the nearest tree and several of all the feet gathered nearby. But the one above is my favorite.
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Jaime Wallace said...

GREAT picture! WE miss you guys a lot. Audrey drew a note for Cole this week so I need your address to mail it!