June 04, 2010

Science Fair Recap

Here we are 2 weeks later and I'm finally going to bring you up to date on the Science fair.

Cole's ships were a success. As you can see by his display, he was not content with just a simple display board. He also brought along relevant books just in case anyone wanted to do their own investigation into the topic.

He brought a giant bucket and filled it with water and of course his experiment jars. He had a great time showing everyone who walked by how his jars floated (or sunk).

And just to be really, truly Cole....... he brought his model of the Titanic. I was a little nervous about it's safety and didn't really want to deal with the aftermath if something happened to it, but he kept a close watch over it and the model made it home in one piece. The only incident was in the car when Jeremy bumped it on the way home and snapped a tiny piece off. Surprisingly, Cole wasn't too concerned.

Cole did a great job, handled the interview like a pro. (Was there any doubt that he wouldn't be at ease yacking a bunch of adults ears off about something he loves?) Anyway, when the judges narrowed it down, he was in the top 4 for the Display category. If he would have talked more about the scientific process in the interview and less about the history of sinking ships he would have surely taken home a ribbon. He had so much fun, though, he wasn't the least bit concerned.

Aviana awoke bright and early on Science Fair Day and got dressed in one of her finer outfit combos. When I questioned her color scheme and offered a less colorful suggestion she became highly offended and asked why I didn't want her to look beautiful for the Science Fair? Needless to say, her choice of attire won that battle.

She didn't have a Do Not Touch sign like her brother, so she stayed close and kept a watchful eye over her rock collection.

Here's where I was impressed by her. She actually talked to the judges without getting all silly and shy. Which was awesome. She didn't hide and revert to baby talk or stick her fingers in her mouth which are all common things for Aviana under pressure. She spoke clearly and calmly, she answered all the questions and even shared her own thoughts without being prompted. It was awesome.

The judges were impressed, her display board was thoroughly complete. And in the category of collections, Aviana took home 1st place! Woo-hoo!


wendy said...

Wow, Cole's presentation sounds fascinating! And way to go Aviana! Congratulations, both of you!

danc said...

I LOVE science! Used to help teach it YEARS ago:) Those Georgia rocks really ROCK!!! Congratulations Avianna!! Wish we could've seen both presentations!
I have more gem stone rocks , I think I'll send them for your birthday! I thought Cole did great too!
Love Grandma Darlene

Kate Harvey said...

Congratulations to both of you! I am so proud of you!