June 07, 2010

Alidia, the wandering artist, sleeping where ever she wants

Alidia's artwork is starting to take shape. She's moving on from scribbles and starting to create things that you could actually believe represent something. If there are two long lines coming out of a circle you can bet it's either a person or a chicken. Four lines in any direction coming out of a circle is usually a cow, but recently she's been branching out to other animals.

A large box like line around the inside edge of a piece of paper, filled with somewhat spaced out circles?? Clearly, a house with a lot of windows.

She's taken a page out of her sister's book
and has discovered drawing on herself. Only washable markers for Alidia these days.

In other interesting news of Alidia, she slept on the kitchen floor one night a little bit back. Not because she fell asleep there while we were doing dishes. No, because she requested it. It was long past bedtime, she wouldn't relax and she finally requested to sleep on the kitchen floor. Jeremy thought I was crazy when I took her in there and "tucked her in" on the floor. But within 5 minutes she was out and she didn't move until morning.


Sarah said...

dude. i'm totally impressed by the drawing.

danc said...

I think it's time to go camping again! She's totally wanting to camp out! Love the POSTS! We miss you guys!
Grandma Darlene