June 21, 2010

Make It Monday : Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies

I pulled up this recipe for them on the computer and did my best to take the back seat on the creating of the cookies.

Alidia was, as expected, a train wreck in the midst of the project.

Cole designated himself as recipe reader and general overseer.

Aviana was naturally left to the more taxing role of actually measuring everything out, although in Little Red Hen style everyone else wanted their turns to pour and stir and taste.

I tried to divvy up the fun stuff as best I could and they were all pretty pleased with the end results.

Everyone's favorite part was using the cookie scoop to put them on the stone.......

Followed closely by sampling the batter......

.....and the cookies.....

1 comment:

danc said...

M M M M MMMMMM!!! Those look SOOOO GOOODD!! I wish I was there to taste them too!
Love ya BUNCHES!
Grandma Darlene