May 19, 2010

Theme Nights

Last week we started something new to help with dinner chaos. Dinner needed to be less of a chore that mom spent the afternoon working on (or not working on.... thus resulting in the 5 o'clock what are we having?? here eat an apple for dinner). And also to discourage the turning up of noses at perfectly decent foods that certain family members felt they were too good to eat.

Enter theme nights.

I explained the idea to the kids and then had them help me plan out what sort of theme nights we wanted to try out. My biggest concern was that every night be so specific that it would end up being more frustrating for me, so we went with some wide open themes for a few of the days of the week.

As we take pictures over the next few weeks I'll introduce you to some of our theme nights. I'm sure there will be interesting stories to go along with some as well.

And not to worry, we've already had a few failures, such as Cole realizing we snuck Mexican food in twice in one week, Cole losing his mind when soup was served on a pasta night, and then doubly losing his mind when he realized pasta was "Italin" food and thinking maybe it should be saved for something more special. (No, not Italian, he insists it is called "Italin")

The girls have been a bit more forgiving, so really nothing new there.

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wendy said...

Awesome! I can't wait!