May 14, 2010

A New Law...according to Cole

Overheard while Cole and Alidia were coloring at the kitchen table together.

Cole: Don't color on the table Alidia.

Alidia: Why?

Cole: Just don't do it Alidia.

Alidia: Why?

Cole: It's naughty.

Alidia: Why?

Cole: Just don't.

Alidia: I color on the table.

Cole: You'll have to go fight in the war.

Alidia: Why?

Cole: It's a new law Obama made.

Alidia: Why?

Cole: If you do bad things you have to fight in the war. You have to ride on an airplane all the way to New York and then get on a big ship and sail all the way to Afghanistan and then kill people and let people kill you. It's his new law for people who do bad things.

Long pause..........

Alidia: I not color on the table.


Sarah said...

now that is hilarious.

Jaime Wallace said...

YOU ARE KILLIN' ME WITH THESE POSTS!!! I am loving reading each one!