May 03, 2010

Stuff from a few weeks back

We went to a local parade and the kids had a ball gathering candy, waving their flags, cheering for their favorite floats, and eating their breakfast of donuts *gasp*. It was a pretty good way to start a weekend.

Our first ferry ride was quite possibly the biggest excitement of the year thus far. They were all over that thing searching for the lifeboats, the captain, the dining room, and all other aspects of a great ship that they were certain would be found on this giant ship we were riding on. I can only imagine the insanity that would ensue if they were actually on a big ship and not a 20 minute ferry ride.

Cole enjoyed his last day of his Colonial times class with a tea party in costume.....

Aviana spends her sunny days tending to her chickens....

And Alidia has become a big lover of sitting in front of a movie. When I won't let her get one from the library she just asks the librarians herself and when I won't put a movie on for her she attempts that for herself as well. All things must be under lock and key around here, nothing is safe from the prying hands of a two year old.

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