May 04, 2010

Cole's Big Race

After several weeks of tracking his milage, Cole finished his tracked marathon distance with the last 1/2 mile down in Eugene. He was pretty pumped and ready to run with dad.

At the start.......

Bringing it in to the finish with an ear to ear grin and waving all around to his fans...........

We had a few minutes of down time to hang with the cousins while we waited for Aunt Molly to come in. Though we didn't have to wait long as she smoked the 5K course and was the 3rd female finisher overall.

FlapJack the 5K mascot had a rough day. Not only did he get 15th place, which I'm certain didn't please the Krusteaz sponsor (anyone who beats flapjack gets a year's supply of pancake mix) but then he had to hang around for the next hour giving high fives and taking pictures with everybody and their brother.

Great job Cole and Molly!

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