May 21, 2010

Science Fair

Today is the big homeschool Science Fair. I'll have to update this post with final project photos and the results of today's adventures, but here's a little glimpse of what they've been working on the last few weeks.

Aviana has been polishing her gemstones from our trip to the gold mine in Georgia.

There was some initial plans to categorize them all and do some serious research. She gathered all sorts of books from the library, but I couldn't figure out how to tell what was what. So we opted for sorting by size and color instead.

These are her favorites.

Cole is learning about displacement.

He was disappointed when he first learned he would be using jars instead of ships to displace the water.

But when Jeremy launched in to a big conversation on Archimedes and Cole realized how "historical" his project was the smiles returned.

He got to play around in the water a bit too and experiment with buckets. Buckets with holes and buckets without.

So that made things a little more fun too.

Alidia had pen and paper ready for some serious note taking. She learned the necessity of that from her big sister.

But after a short time she decided maybe science isn't her thing, for now.


danc said...

Wow how cool!I LOVE SCIENCE!!! Let me know what your conclusions were.
Love Grandma Darlene!

Kate said...

Seeing Alidia sleeping reminded me of our science fair projects back in the day! How much longer is this gonna take?