May 24, 2010

Make-it Monday

Monday in our house is now known as Make-it Monday.

The kids love to help in the kitchen. They're pretty used to standing on a chair next to the stove, taking turns stirring, pouring out the things I measure, etc, etc. So we decided to embark upon the next step and encourage them to start choosing what they want to make and doing it mostly themselves.

Ideally this endeavor just might eventually turn in to them being able to prepare a meal for themselves (or for us), but for now reading the instructions correctly and getting more food into the bowl than on the table or floor is considered a win. Especially when Alidia feels the need to elbow her way into the mix.

We're starting out pretty simple. Week 1 they wanted brownies. Now if we're going to make a big pan of brownies and they're going to do it alone, I wanted them to be edible. So we decided to go with a box mix.

Cheating a little? maybe.
A nice simple success. Yes.
Ridiculously disgustingly yummy. Yes, because of course they had to have frosting and sprinkles too. (and flags!, but not Cole he wanted them plain.....which Jeremy was pleased with.)

See how all that sugary goodness is already making them crazies, and at this point they've only licked the batter from the bowl.....can't you see it all over their cheeks?

Week 2 we stepped it up a little and made banana bread, but without pictures and with a little less help from mom.

Up next, they're thinking blueberry muffins, pumpkin pie, homemade macaroni, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, to name a few.

We're moving up in the culinary world, watch out Betty Crocker.

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danc said...

Aunt Beth will be sooo proud!!! SHe just graduated from the Culinary class she was taking this year! She got 2 certificates of completion! Look for photo's coming on facebook!
We love YOU!
Grandma Darlene