November 01, 2009

Indiana Jones

I wanted to give you a closer look at the kids in their Halloween costumes, starting today with Cole.

He wanted to show off his Indiana Jones impersonations for the camera by running around the yard swinging his "whip" which was really just a long white piece of fabric. I love his smile in this action shot.

But then he realized it was beginning to rain, very very faintly.

So he had to take off his hat to determine if it really was raining. He was not pleased with this turn of events.

We went back in the house to help his sisters get ready and that's when he decided he needed some faint facial hair to finish the look.


Sarah said...

these pictures (and commentary) are awesome.

wendy said...

What a cute kid. He makes me feel happy!

Steph said...

So grown up! I love all the costumes. Looks like the kids had lots of fun!