November 02, 2009


Aviana had planned on being Ariel, the Little Mermaid for Halloween. She had a new costume and was so pleased with it, she's worn it all around the house for weeks.
All the excitement lasted until school on Monday morning when I reminded her that she had agreed to wear leggings and a long sleeve shirt underneath of it to go out of the house. She was highly irritated and promptly changed into a pioneer costume that we had in the dress-up box.

After that little situation I was not surprised to have her announce to me on Friday morning that she did not want to be Ariel anymore, but instead wanted to be a cat. I kind of brushed the comment aside wondering if she might change her mind a few more times before settling on a costume decision. However, first thing Saturday morning she wanted to know when we would be making her cat costume.

We figured it out pretty simply. Just a nice little tail and some ears glued to an old headband that we covered to match the tail. Leggings, a fuzzy coat and a matching cheetah print purse to accessorize and she was a very happy little kitty.

And she was pretty darn cute too.

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