October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Last week we went to our friend's annual Pumpkin Carving Party and as always the kids had a fabulous time. The pumpkins in the garden were big enough to carve but they were still very green. We picked them anyway and got many funny looks for our green pumpkins.

I wish I had taken a picture of them last week, but I forgot and now they are very orange and a little mushy. We had to keep them in the house because of the elusive neighborhood pumpkin smashers so they are only going to last a few more days. But you can get the general idea of what they looked like when they were newly carved.

Aviana wanted a "pumpkin with a face". I asked her what kind of face and she looked at me with exasperation. "A pumpkin face, you know, with the triangles." So her pumpkin was pretty easy.

Alidia wanted a cake. I asked her why and she said "Me happy birthday too." So she got a little square cake with 2 candles on her miniature little green pumpkin. But it was smashed within a few hours of getting home from the party because she kept taking it off the shelf to admire it and she eventually dropped it. But she wasn't too heart broken because she has a whole windowsill full of squash that she still admires daily.

Cole's pumpkin was as unique as Cole. His pumpkin even took first place in the pumpkin carving competition. Here he is modeling his first place prize.

The title of his pumpkin was Titanic Sinking.

To the left you see the iceberg, as well as the 4th tower already dislodged and drifting away from the ship.

To the right you see 2 distant life boats surveying the wreckage.

He was quite disappointed that we could not carve little people all over in the water. He especially wanted to include his all time favorite Captain John Edward Smith. Maybe next year Cole.

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