October 15, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Cole!

Cole has been preparing us all for this day for a week now. "Cole's special day" he calls it. Everyone else would just call it a birthday, but not Cole. He picked out everyone's clothes for this special day before we went to bed last night as well as planned the day's menu. Dinner will be corn dogs....mmmmm...just the thing to make his vegetarian momma proud.

He's been celebrating ever since last week when Grandma Buzzy came to visit and I'm sure he will continue right on through until sometime next week, just to make sure he gets everything he wants to do for his birthday into his schedule.

We started the morning waking him up with a little Happy Birthday tune, it was a miracle in itself that everyone was up except for him. Then he jumped to the phone to call Poppa. We sang Happy Birthday to Poppa and Poppa sang Happy Birthday to him. A birthday treat that always makes me smile.

I'm sure there will be more to share and plenty of pictures as we celebrate tonight as a family and tomorrow with friends. But I just wanted to say.....

Happy Birthday Coley-woley!

Itty-bitty baby Cole, maybe 2 months old.

Cole's 1st birthday. In Eugene.

At the pumpkin patch, age 1.

An amazing big brother and not yet even 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday! In Seattle.

Happy 3rd Birthday. In Monroe, WA.

This is a picture from October 2007, somewhere around Cole's 4th birthday. I know we had a party, because I distinctly remember baking a 3-D monkey head cake ala Curious George. However, this party did take place two weeks after Alidia was born, so I'm pretty sure no pictures exist of the celebration. First birthday back in Oregon.

Birthday #5, party at the park! SE Portland.

Happy Birthday Cole! I can't believe you're 6. Wow!


Vanillabean said...

6 that is so old! Happy Birthday Coley Woley.

Steph said...

Hope you had a wonderful "special day" wish we could have celebrated with you. I remember when you turned 2! Miss you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love, Aunt Steph :o)