April 04, 2009

The New Chicken

Aviana picked out a new chicken to replace her soon to be leaving rooster. She is super fast and hard to catch. She is not at all accustomed to being held and pestered by little hands. And her back feathers are suffering a bit from the overcrowding she was in at her last home. But Aviana loves her and that makes it all OK.

She gets along great with the other hens and seems to be adjusting just fine to our dilligent chicken-keeper. Her official name is "Cinderella Perla Pipi Cox". Although everyone seems to just call her "the new black one".


Anonymous said...

i love her name.

wendy said...

Wait a minute. I think you need to explain Aggie's role in this little family... Is she taking a nibble of the red one there? Is she guarding the coop? Aggie's cute. :)