April 05, 2009

Goodbye to "the hoowl"

We said goodbye to the little rooster this morning. Surprisingly there were no tears, just lots of kisses and hugs. Aviana's only commentary was "It's a good thing we're getting rid of him because he is mean to the new chicken" So I think we made a good choice in replacing him prior to his leaving.

And the good news is that he really is going to a good new home. The lady we purchased him from has found him a new family that is just moving into their new house (where they can actually have a rooster) later this week. We were very happy to find that out!

*This little rooster loved to be held and yes it really did lay in her arms like that and let her rock him to sleep.*

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Der Fanatiker said...

That is fantastic, what an odd rooster. Great pics of Aviana