April 26, 2009


We are pretty bad about being consistent with chores. We've tried all sorts of things from chore charts, chore sticks, reward systems, etc. And the problem is not with the kids. It is with us not being consistent and often finding it so much easier to do things ourselves than trying to walk the kids through something that we could have finished five minutes ago.
I didn't grow up having "chores" or an allowance. If something needed to be done around the house or someone needed a helping hand you were expected to help. Likewise if one of us needed something at the store, mom bought it for us...if we needed it.
Aviana is totally on board with the system. She loves to help and she doesn't expect any more than what she truly needs. Her brother needs a little more guidance and encouragement, but he'll get there.

The word "chores" doesn't really enter in, it's all about helping the family and doing your part. So far it's great. I now almost always have a helper by my side in the kitchen. The table is usually set before it's time to sit down and often the laundry is unloaded into a basket before it is completely dry (Aviana is very prompt, when the buzzer goes...it's done....no questions asked).

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