March 17, 2009

What's New - Part 3:Cole

Cole has more idea's than George Lucas, Walt Disney and Rodgers and Hammerstein all combined. The best way to find out what's presently on his mind is to follow his blog Cole's Ideas. His ideas are always changing and you never know what he'll be posting about or who he will be on any given day.

When he's not blogging or acting out scenes from various books and movies Cole can be found learning to read, drawing pictures of his most recent favorite characters, enjoying music or sports class with his sister or building with his Lego's.

Cole is an incredible big brother to his little sisters. He is almost always willing to jump up and help them when they need him and he is always right there to comfort them if they are sad. He loves to make them laugh, he loves to play games with them, and he loves exploring the world with two eager little companions by his side.

Cole is enjoying his chicken immensely, although he keeps changing his mind as to which one he likes best. He is in continuous negotiations with his sisters trying to gain joint ownership of all three so that he doesn't have to choose just one.

Cole's persona is ever-changing, but every few months he always brings it back to the cowboy. He is never without a pair of cowboy boots and hat in his closet. And no matter what movie he is enthralled with at any given time we can always talk him into watching a little bit of Oklahoma.

And my attempt at a picture of his latest haircut.... he didn't want it cut because he didn't want anyone to say anything to him about it. Which must be why he wouldn't let me get a good picture of it either...

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