March 14, 2009

What's New - Part 2:Aviana

Aviana is constant entertainment. She's the one who always avoids getting in trouble because she's too darn cute and so hilarious that no one can get mad at her for long. Even Cole has a hard time getting too upset because she'll quickly do something to make him laugh so that he forgets that she was just pounding on him moments before.
Yes, I said pounding on him.... she's also the roughest of the bunch and will jump on Cole's back and wrestle him to the ground at any given time for absolutely no reason other than the pure enjoyment of making her brother squeal. She is at home in her sports class of all 4-6 year old boys....a little bit out of place in her 2-3 year old ballet class.

Despite all of that she is still a girly-girl. She loves all things pink, although has recently been branching out to purple. She'll pick a dress out of her closet to wear instead of jeans any day...regardless of whether we're going to a party or a farm. She's even attempted to wear a dress to sports class...but I was able to pull out the summer clothes of pink shorts and avoid that! She decided she wanted to have curly hair one day like someone she saw in a play. She wore her hair all day and night up in tight little buns (which had to be uncomfortable) just so she could have these lovely locks for church.

She loves to be a big helper with the baby. One difference between Aviana and her sister is that Alidia likes her space. She surely attempts to let Aviana know that she wants some space but Aviana just can't fathom the idea of anyone not wanting to be touched and smothered at all times and so their is some tension between the two at times. Both are extremely independent and opinionated (i.e. bossy) so it will be interesting to watch their relationship unfold. I fear the wrath of this wild duo will be most harshly felt by Cole.

She has discovered the world of theater, much like her brother, and is fascinated by it. She loves going to see plays and loves re-enacting them at home even more. I am entertained by my own personal theater troupe on a daily basis. Although I'm still learning proper etiquette for Aviana's plays:
1. You are not allowed to look at the stage until "the curtain" has been opened. 2. You must not talk, AT ALL, breathing is tolerated but only if it's noiseless.
3. You may not sing along with any of her songs, unless requested to, then you must comply immediately.
4. When the play is over (which is always difficult to tell) you have to come to the stage to meet the performers.

She loves doing anything artsy or crafty. The messier the better too. Paint is her favorite, followed closely by gluing and of course cutting things. She loves talking me into scraps of fabric to create with. I love watching her work because she has very serious expressions and is always so amazed by her own creations.

Then there are the chickens. Aviana is a chicken raising champ. She has no apprehension towards them at all. She is incredibly curious about them, totally in love and diligently responsible with their care. She reminds me when we need to clean out their cage and then demands to help with the task! She makes sure to give them all the attention they need...and more. At first we were a little concerned about her physical affections towards them, but she's learning to be more gentle and has mastered the art of scooping them up without squeezing their necks. She is the best of all of us at chasing them down when they are free in the yard.

There is no lack of laughter and pure joy when Aviana is around!


wendy said...

That was wonderful to read! Really makes me appreciate her more :D You have such great kids...I love them!

Der Fanatiker said...

Love It! I love that girl. That pic of her with her fist up is classic, put together with the pic of her from Halloween where she's dressed as a piece of dessert pretty well sum up Aviana. And the theatre rules are too much.

Der Fanatiker said...

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Cole is doomed once Alidia gets just a couple years older. But, hey, maybe it'll be the catalyst for his bonding with Jeremy.