October 16, 2008

Cole is 5!

We started celebrating last month at his birthday party and it hasn't stopped since. Last week we went out to dinner with Grandma at Chevy's where he got the birthday song, an ice cream and a big birthday sombrero!

He also made sure to get a night out at Red Robin (his favorite restaurant) where he again got a birthday song, ice cream, and a crazy balloon hat! When the big day rolled around he was already well adjusted to celebrating life as a 5 year old. He fully embraces the idea that a birthday is a very special day and made sure that he was able to choose all of our meals and activities for the day! Eggs and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. A play date with friends and macaroni and cheese for lunch. His friends even made him a cake for after lunch! What a party!

For dinner he chose ravioli, carrot sticks, and bread. With a chocolate "Narnia" cake that he decorated all by himself (he even piped the frosting around the edges!)

He continued the celebration at music class today letting his teacher know it was his birthday so that they could make him a "cake". (The kids all put their feet in the air and the birthday kid goes around and blows out the candles/feet.)

Happy Birthday Cole!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I can't believe your first baby is 5!
I know I'm going to sound old here, but really where did the time go?
Happy Birthday Cole!