September 03, 2008


Alidia is officially walking now. She's been taking a step or two for quite some time now, but last week she decided to take off across the room and hasn't looked back since. The only thing that keeps her from walking now is the video camera. Every time I get it out she plops down on her bottom and refuses to walk. So after a week of diligent efforts, here are the two small pieces of footage we've captured successfully!


wendy said...

That's SO cute!! Yay for Alidia! And look at your new rug, and the quilt...adorable! Can't wait to come over again!

Vanillabean said...

very cute! I love that wobbly walk. That reminds me of Lucia ... one day she just started walking and never went to all 4's again.

Michele said...

Aww... so cute! :) Good job, Alidia!