April 15, 2011

Lego Club

Lego Club just wrapped up last weekend with a fun little expo at the library where they showed off all their hard work and got the opportunity to share what they'd learned. The group is part of the Jr. 1st Lego League which is the the little kid version of the crazy Lego Robotics competitions you may have heard of.

The theme for this year was biomedical technology and their team couldn't decide on just one piece of medical equipment to learn about so they ultimately settled on creating an entire hospital. Cole studied and then built an x-ray machine and a stretcher. Aviana focused on wheelchairs. She did the research and the poster for it but subbed out the building to her brother.

Aviana isn't sure she wants to do it again next year. Too many people she didn't know tried to talk to her and even expected her to respond to them (gasp)! And the chaos of the actual weekly meetings seemed to make her uncomfortable at times.

Cole wants to start his own club at our house. I guess he didn't like playing on someone else's turf. It's hard to control the group that way. 

It was a fun way for us to get out and meet some new kids and think about Legos in a new way, but we'll see if  Lego Club remains in our future.


Tibbslove said...

Emily... your comments about the kiddos are so funny. And so true. I LOVE that Cole has something to be passionate about and Legos seem like a perfectly appropriate thing!

danc said...

LOVE the new pics!! Everyone looks so great:) Big hugs and kisses to all!
Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Dan