April 06, 2011

Common poses

As always, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. Sorry Kate, I'll try to do better!

I hadn't taken the camera out of the closet for over a month and when I don't have pictures to spark a good tale of what the kids have been up to I lack the creativity to come up with something from my own memory.

However, a common place that you might find each of them these days...........

Aviana is intrigued by all things electronic lately. She'll play games on Jeremy's phone and spend as much time as she can possibly talk me into playing PBS kids or Lego games on the internet. Of course, playing Legos, reading American Girls, running around outside, helping in the kitchen and coddling her little sister are still up there among the other favorite activities as well.

Cole wants to be outside ALL OF THE TIME. Which is great, except his sister's tend to get a little cold when the weather isn't sunny and warm. Which leaves Cole outside by his lonesome. I hope the summer will bring neighborhood kids out more and he'll make some friends nearby, but in the meantime Cole has no lack of imagination to keep himself entertained with a whole big yard to explore, lots of battles to reinact and plenty of bad guys to ward off.

Alidia is in that really messy 3 year old stage of life. Where sorting, collecting and storing all sorts of treasures in lots of small containers is a great way to spend a morning. Then of course spreading out those treasures around the house is a perfect afternoon activity. All while wearing either her sister's clothes or methodically rotating through everything in her own drawers in one day. Three years old has always been so much more interesting in our family than two.

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danc said...

How are those chickens and Hamsters doing? :)
The kids look great:) Nice to see smiling faces:)
We love you guys and miss you too.
Take care,
Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Dan