February 20, 2011

Views of Home - Kid Edition

This month I've been contributing to a fun little art challenge that the fabulously talented Rachel Austin has been hosting over at paper and planes. (Week 1 and Week 2).

Today I was working on a little something for week 3 and the paper, scissors, and mod podge littering the table proved tempting for three certain little artists. They hopped up to the table and asked me how they could make something just like me. So I showed them all of the available materials, let them in on the theme of "home" and they were off to create.

Cole veered from the theme with the vampire and then felt awkward and remorseful when he looked at everyone else's work and brought it all back with a little bit of love.

Alidia did not understand how the mod podge worked and got really angry when I would cover up her shapes with white goo. Then she decided she loved it and wanted to use it like paint. She ended up with three half-completed projects and several random pieces of paper covered in stamped letters.

Aviana, however, embraced the project, the instructions, and the theme whole heartedly. And made two really cool pieces. It was very fun working side by side with her and watching her creative process in action.

I certainly appreciated our fun impromptu Sunday art session that wouldn't have happened without Rachel's encouragement and inspiration. So thanks Rachel, you rock!

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