February 04, 2011


We had a slight computer disaster this week. We had a crash of the hard drive which resulted in loss of communication to the outside world for 4 days for me, but fortunately for the bargain price of $200 we're up and running again and we didn't lose any of our pictures. (which to me was all that really mattered...)

Anyway.....since I'm so bad about updating this blog here's a few pictures of life lately.


Alidia is apparently unaware that it is about 15 degrees outside on a warm day. She refuses to wear coats anywhere and is always dragging it behind her. 9 days out of 10 she's wearing a skirt or dress and usually it's with a short sleeve or sleeveless top. The floppy sun hat is a compromise from the winter hat mom wanted her to wear. But the boots are no problem. She always has on the boots......underwear is a different story and I've gotten to the point of checking her for undies before we leave the house.

Aviana jumped off the couch and hurt her foot. She doesn't usually complain about pain, so after a few hours of hysterical writhing and unwillingness to put any weight on it we finally took her to urgent care for x-rays. It was nothing serious, but she got to wear a snazzy little boot to take the weight off and to keep her foot immobile for a few days. She's a very good little patient though and she had a speedy recovery and was back to couch jumping in no time.

When the sky is clear here in Utah we do have some seriously striking sunsets. Unless there's inversion and then it's not so striking. Then it's a little post-apocalyptic looking.... but you don't want a picture of that.

A recent family photo at the park down the street from our house.

My little yogis finding their centers of balance.....some more successfully than others.

Alidia having a fancy tea party with two of her favorite friends.

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