December 15, 2010


This year we had our first ever Thanksgiving on our own, without relying on one of our many grandma's to provide all the main fixings. We had a few friends over and all the food turned out awesome, it was really fun. (It was also another one of those cases in which momma goes overboard with the amount of food prepared for the occassion.) Regardless, Jeremy prepared the turkey and it was great, especially considering that we had zero idea what we were doing.

When it came time for the wishbone I knew someone was going to have to be left out. Since we wanted it to be a fair fight we decided Alidia needed to be the odd man out. But we offered here a photo op with the wishbone and that seemed to be more than satisfactory to her.

Then the fight was on.....

The winner is.....


And somebody has to take the loss for the day. Fortunately she still thought it was great fun.

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