December 03, 2010

Snow - Take 1

I've got a ton of pictures backed up in the camera that I need to sort through and post. So you can be sure to expect a lot of pictures in the next week as I get them organized. (As long as blogger continues to cooperate at least.) You can especially expect a lot of pictures of snow.

All the people who told us the snow doesn't really stick around long or accumulate much in town here in Salt Lake, apparently... they all lied. All the people who said "nothing ever gets closed or canceled here because of a storm" also lied. Needless to say....we have a lot of pictures in a lot of snow.

(**If you can't tell, momma is not a huge lover of snow.**)

We've had well over a foot of snow hanging around for about a week now. Here they are out exploring the first layer of snow, before the layers of snowsuits and coats were required.

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