December 07, 2010

and more snow

Cole is crazy about the snow. He loves it, he can't get enough. He's the only kid in the neighborhood regularly outside in his snow gear by 7 in the morning anytime there's fresh snow. He's pretty serious when it comes to snowball fights and regularly makes someone cry.

Aviana does not love the snow, she takes after her mother. She's always cold and after about 5 minutes of frolicking in the snow covered grass and making a few snow angels she's done for the day.

Cole's doing his best to get Alidia in his camp so that he'll have someone to play with on snowy days. His plan seems to be working......

 ......though she does have her moments of preferring the warmer elements on the other side of the window.

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Vanillabean said...

Was just thinking about you. Finally got a around to checking in on your blog :) Nice updates. I love the front door on your house! Looks like a really nice place. Your kids look like they are having fun too.