November 23, 2010


Cole started taking violin lessons at the beginning of October. It's something he's been wanting to do for a long time now, but it's such an expensive endeavor that we never wanted to take the plunge in case it ended up being a disaster. We met a great lady through some friends who offered to teach Cole and another little friend of ours in exchange for babysitting or whatever we worked out along the way. It's super awesome to have such a low key atmosphere for him to try it out and see if it's really something he wants to spend time and energy on.

So far, it's a hit. This was the first week that Cole brought the violin home. (Up until now he's just been using a little stick to practice his rhythms.) Morning, noon and night I am serenaded with "chitty chitty bang bang" and other equally enchanting rhythms. And despite the occasional scratching on the strings, he's pretty good!

He's learning the piano as well, but I can't say that he loves that quite as much. So maybe the violin will be his thing. At least for a little while.


Rick said...

It's quite a commitment both for your son and your ears, if you know what I mean. How long does it take before your ears begin to thank you rather than hate you. :0) God speed to your son.

siddharath said...

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