November 15, 2010

Drawing a Tree

One of our drawing lessons last week was about drawing deciduous trees. We have plenty of trees lining our street and in our yard so we went to the front window and looked at them while we talked about the leaves falling and what the bare branches would look like when they had all fallen off.

These are the drawings they came up with each on their own. Funny thing is they were both accurate of the day we did the drawings. In the morning the trees were covered in snow and the kids had a snowball fight with Jeremy. By the afternoon we were back out to raking the leaves and watching all the bright colors fall.

** Sorry I'm lame and can't master how to rotate pictures. I could ask Jeremy to do it, but then he always explains how to do it and I always forget. So for now we'll just have a sideways picture.**


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Oh my word are you guys great artists. I like seeing your drawings.