September 22, 2010

Lego Game

While wandering a thrift store the other day we came across this cool Lego game. We crossed our fingers that all the pieces were there and went home to play. Playing a game where there are nearly 100 specifically designated small pieces was a little bit frustrating with a crazy dice wielding 3 year old. But we managed to contain her by allowing her a few of her own special rules.

In the end, everyone was very proud of their creations. And my favorite part of the game was that everyone felt such a huge success in building their assigned object that I don't think anyone even remembers who actually "won" the game.
Alidia and her "car" minus wheels, because those were actually missing from the box. But we'll fill some in once we unpack all the Lego's from storage. She didn't seem to mind.

Cole and his boat.

Aviana and her sled.

Daddy even got in on the fun....which everyone thought was hilarious.

1 comment:

danc said...

GOOO GATORS!! :) WOW what a creative bunch!
Love you and miss you bunches!
Grandma Darlene