August 05, 2010

Track Town USA

We're hanging out in track town these days and our summer just wouldn't be complete without a little all-comer's meet action down at Hayward Field.

Alidia was a little uncertain about the first event......the Softball Throw. She wasn't digging the idea that she was supposed to go in the 1-3 year old line when everyone else got to go in the 4-6 year old line. But she stood her ground and hung with her siblings and cousin and they let her throw with the big kids.

Cole led the pack with a throw of 18 feet, Aviana came in at 10 and Alidia was a close 3rd at 8 feet. With ribbon awards in hand they were more than ready for the next event.

Next was the long jump, which Aviana dubbed her favorite of the night. And while a rather frustrating woman kept me from getting very many good pictures of Alidia and James...... I was able to get some of the other two flying high.

We hit the grandstands for a little water break while we awaited the start of the running events.

Cole was old enough for a longer event, but since everyone else was doing the 60 yd dash he decided he wanted to do the same. They divided them all up by gender and age and then let them loose down the backstretch one group at a time. Ours were all smiles coming to the finish and if you ask Alidia she'll tell you "I runned so fast. I beat all those girls."

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When it was all said and done they were all fairly eager to show off their hard earned ribbons. Cole picked out a variety of acceptable posing locations and Aviana did her best to be as crazy as possible in each and every photograph.

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nice action shots!