July 19, 2010

So much to say

It's been a bit since we've posted around here. A whole month actually....wow....how did that happen?!? There's been lots of vacationing in that time.

Vacations with views like this......

and like this......

Races for mom and dad......

A good amount of time spent hanging out with family. All sorts of family, all sides, family we never even knew we had. It was quite fun.

Then we came home and we were so used to not being online that it took a few days to even remember to check the old e-mail. And to get into the habit of cooking dinner...and doing dishes... and laundry. Somehow though mom had no problem remembering how to fire up the sewing machine or call up some friends to hang out and play. But whatever, we're getting back into the swing of things now. Returning from the vacation land of non-reality. (I mean come on, playing in the snow in flip-flops? Vacation really was an escape from normal.)

One of these days I'll throw up some pictures from the kids' fun-filled week at VBS, some birthday photos of a sweet little 5 year old, and plenty of other random adventures that have been filling our days. Hey maybe I'll even get to the post office and mail off a graduation present that has been sitting on my desk ready to go for about 2 months. (Ruth, I'm sure we'll get it to you before you graduate from college. I hope.... ) For now, it's off to pack some boxes and persuade a certain 2 year old to give up the jumbo bag of Pirate's Booty.

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danc said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing! Glad you guys took some time off, you have some very busy days ahead. Tell that little 5 year old to be watching for her box this week!
Love you all very much!
Grandma Darlene