June 02, 2010

Worldly Wednesday

Worldly Wednesday is a new theme day that Cole is especially fond of. He's got plans for this night for several months out. Some seem manageable, others might be a bit daunting. We started out with India Night and then have had two Wednesdays in a row where we've had plans outside of the house and have not been able to celebrate. Cole hasn't been real pleased, but next week we should get back to it.

Many ideas from the evening came from a book we have that teaches about different people groups around the world.

That's where the idea for clothing came from:

Also, the chai tea mixture and an interesting strawberry yogurt and water concoction:

Some people had to work for their supper, rolling out the dough.

Others just waited patiently for their food to be ready.

We finished off the celebration with a little henna artwork.....which is a whole separate post in itself. Stay tuned.

Just to keep it real. The evening wasn't perfect.
There were grumpy faces, spilled Palak Paneer, and children drinking from the yogurt container.....seriously??

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