May 31, 2010

School Work

Routine has finally begun to occur around school work. We're getting the hang of the new curriculum and actually getting to it in a semi-organized fashion each day. The kids each love and hate certain aspects, which keeps it interesting.

Cole generally is the only hater of things, but that's just his be extreme. He can't just prefer some things over others, he has to love it or hate it. Aviana, as you can imagine, loves it all. Regardless if she enjoys it or not, she still says she loves it.

Believe it or not, the magnifying glass actually helped Cole do his math without saying "I hate math." I have no idea why.
No idea why he hates it, because it's not hard for him.
No idea why the magnifying glass helped. It just did. So it's now always available as an optional math tool, if he wants it.

Aviana comes to the table every morning with her beloved math books whether I tell her to or not. She actually takes them in the car with her sometimes, just to look through them. A girl after her father's heart.

Alidia is quite interested in them as well. So interested, in fact, that she sometimes has to get in for a closer look.

Take a closer look at the pencil while you're at it........yeah, it's hypercolor. How cool is that?


Vanillabean said...

Cole is left handed! How cool.
What curriculum do you use?

emily* said...

Yep, Cole's a lefty. Which makes writing, well.....interesting. :)

We use Sonlight curriculum and we use Singapore Math. Love them both! :)

And we love our co-op too, it adds the perfect element of a little structure and social life to the mix.