December 29, 2009

Vacuum Fiasco

I have completely disassembled the vacuum cleaner TWICE today.

First to dislodge a small plastic board game hourglass. Alidia was making progress with the loud machine she is so immensely terrified of and was actually touching it, that it until the toy jumped inside with a loud popping sound reigniting the fear that the vacuum cleaner will indeed suck her up. It was fascinating though because the pressure of the suction caused the hourglass to snap right at the center and the sand was nowhere to be found, although it appeared that the entire outer shell was completely intact.

The second instance was to dislodge a small wooden doll that was sucked up just to spite a certain older brother who may or may not have been harassing a certain little sister. At least now I know how to completely take apart all the hoses and handle pieces that I had never before attempted to do.

Yes, this is why my children do not do "chores", I remember now.

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wendy said...

This is why being a mom leaves you with such a fantastic resume!