December 18, 2009

Alidia is tough

A few weeks ago we're sitting in church when our childcare pager starts buzzing. I sort of assume Alidia must have not told anyone she had to go potty, so Jeremy heads out with the intention of changing wet pants and clothes. Five minutes later he comes back and hands me a note.

I open it up and read:

While playing at the lego table Alidia was bit on the face by another child. Ice pack was applied. Both parents were notified immediately.

You've got to be kidding me. Turns out Alidia was pretty unconcerned by the whole incident and kind of irritated that Jeremy would come back before class was over. The poor teachers were visibly distraught over the situation and the other parents were far more upset than we were. It's a classroom full of two year olds, what does anyone expect? It looked a bit like a big sloppy lipstick kiss. Which made it not so horrible to look at for the 5 days before it faded away.

We never experienced these sorts of things with the other two, but then they were both the type to hand over a toy if another child even glanced at it. Generally they weren't a fan of confrontation. Alidia doesn't back down to anything or anyone (even me) though and I guess she's learning the downside of that mentality the hard way.

If you think we're heartless, just remember we've had worse incidents with this one. She's been bit in the face by a dog, so by comparison this was nothing to her.

Click on the picture to enlarge it then look closely under her right eye.
This is several days later, the swelling and bruise had cleared up considerably.

Despite injury, she didn't get out of her chores that day....

Not that she would have wanted to. Being the one to check for eggs is the best job of the day. Silly chickens haven't been laying much in this cold weather though. I guess it's back to buying eggs for a few months.

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